Retail Solutions


Trusted and Reliable POS Solution.

Growing a retail business is hard work. Creating your brand, building your client database. Staying on top of inventory, understanding your open to buy.

Stay across every detail of your business and watch retail sales grow.

Every day Australian fashion retailers are losing money because inventory goes missing, orders are overlooked, sales people become complacent and cross selling opportunities are neglected.

As a business operating on tight margins you can’t afford this to happen to you. Most point of sale solutions are developed for general retail and then patched to fit a fashion business.

The true colour size matrix, allows you manage the continual range renewal. Is it easy to manage data, can you easily manage multi-channel, back end, front end and online, or are your creating opportunity for data error and increasing the administration burden.

Niche Retail is a point of sale solution that gives you greater control and visibility over your business so you can sell more, stress less and stay ahead. It is the only POS solution backed by 18 years of development specifically for the fashion industry.

  • True Colour Size Matrix
  • Customer management
    • Loyalty and customer management
  • Inventory management
    • Store allocations and transfers
  • Purchasing and Open to Buy
  • Multi-store management
  • Online or offline
  • Real time sale reporting by salesperson
  • Web based so you can administer from anywhere, anytime
  • Multi-level user security
  • Seamless integration with third party and online software
  • POS
    • Covers all major register transaction types
    • Alternate store inventory

What our client’s say…

  • “We have definitely seen an improvement in the control of the inventory. It is also enabling us to see buying trends earlier. The ability to manage our inventory and therefore manage our purchasing has already seen some improvement in cash flow and we expect this to continue.”
  • “How do you measure the difference in productivity from excel reports to systemised reporting. It is difficult to even find reports pre Niche system. There is a definite improvement in profitability across the whole company but also by style and season. It is now very easy to identify where our profitability is coming from.”
  • “Using Niche Garments there has been a huge improvement in our delivery. At this stage it is forecast that we will deliver 100% on time. Our cashflow has also improved because of improved sales, better profitability and the success of our pop-up shop.”

Integrated Benefits

Niche system includes the following features