Why Niche?


We understand your business

Niche solutions are designed from the ground up for your apparel business.

When the consumer thinks fashion they think glitz and glamour but at Niche we know how it works behind the scenes. Creating the new range, last minute orders, tight production schedules, deadlines and sell throughs.

The Fashion Colour-Size matrix

Inbuilt industry language that makes it intuitive to use, easy to deploy and most importantly – effective. Our software is the most powerful management system for the fashion industry with fully integrated retail POS and fully optimised fashion ecommerce shopping cart.

Billy Blue of Think Education, a globally recognised tertiary education facility, runs a business module on the Niche platform as part of its Bachelor of Branded Fashion Design.

If you require a solution to grow your business then contact Niche today. We will provide you with a single or end to end solution, with full support and training.



Why Niche Fashion Technology?

The Fashion Industry Experts

As specialist in apparel, we are the only technology company in a position to deliver expert advice and systems required for growth.

Serious Fashion Technology

Our system has fashion specific configurations such as the colour-size matrix. It contains inbuilt industry language that makes it intuitive to use, easy to deploy and most importantly – effective. Unlike others, our system has been built from the ground up specifically for the fashion industry.

Take control of your business

We provide seamless and vertically integrated platforms with powerful functionality for all stages of the fashion value chain – design, manufacture, warehouse, distribute, agent, retail and online. The three core components can operate individually or be seamlessly integrated to support all aspects of a growing business.

Experience and advice to grow your business

With 18 years in the industry, we have supported major brands as they have grown from humble beginnings to global successes.

Hardware and peripheral solutions for greater efficiency

We advise and source the most effective solutions for clients.

User-friendly and simplified management

Our intuitive single-click management interface enables a centralised inventory and pricing control across multiple locations, stores, websites and currencies. It’s clear and concise.

Cost-effective and comprehensive system

Our system gives you everything you need at a fraction of the price of non-fashion specific systems, making it economically viable for small to medium businesses.

Flexible and tailored solutions for rapid scalability

Our system has everything you need and nothing you don’t. In addition, the intuitive design makes it easy to up skill staff.