Afterpay a modern-day lay-by

Afterpay can help you increase your sales and customer base. Afterpay will set instalments for customers but pay the merchants upfront. It’s easier for potential customer to decide on sales and current customers will spend more.

Some sellers have reported the revenue increases to 30% once they have just started using Afterpay.

How Afterpay works?

  • AfterPay can be used online and store, retailers can choose what suits them best
  •  Customer will select Afterpay in checkout, the instalments that customer pays goes to Aftrpay, since Afterpay will initially pay the retailers.
  •  Afterpay pays the retailers upfront and the process is quick and easy

Join the club

Approximately 16,500 retailers and approximately 2.2m customers currently live and transacted on the Afterpay platform. Approximately 10,000 individual shopfronts are now live with Afterpay in-store.

Significant new enterprise retailers and service providers continue to sign-up to Afterpay in Australia including BOOHOO, BING LEE, MITRE 10 and DIESEL.

Afterpay in US

Afterpay recently launched in the U.S in mid-May 2018. A strong start after launch (over $11m of underlying sales in the first full month, June 2018).

Afterpay in New Zealand

Afterpay is signing up the largest retailers and most well-loved brands in New Zealand, including GLASSONS, HALLENSTEINS and ICEBREAKER

Niche POS is integrated with Afterpay.

Niche can integrate POS and Nich web with Afterpay, so you can have Afterpay online and in store.

What are the costs?

Merchants are charged a fix amount plus commission for every transaction they make via AfterPay. The commission may vary based on the initial agreements.

Niche only charge one-time implementation fee to setup the Afterpay integration.

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Are you using Niche products? The process is quick and easy!

  • Step 1: Sign-up with Afterpay
  • Step 2: Niche will setup the integration
  • Step 3: Afterpay will do the final testing with you

If you need more information  contact us today!

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