Automation via two-way integration with THE ICONIC

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With the changing times, fashion and apparel businesses have begun to understand the importance of automation of business tasks via APIs. They no longer see it is as some ‘luxury’. For them, it is an essential investment that lets them get rid of mundane data entry tasks and lay emphasis on the core business tasks and innovation.

The Iconic is a renowned fashion brand with an enormous fan following all across the globe. The brand has come up with its exclusive API(Application Programming Interface) that enables easy integration with various third-party platforms- e.g., QuickBooks, Shopify, etc.

The two-way integration with THE ICONIC API helps with seamless synchronization with ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) and the POS(Point of Sale software). Any critical modification made in one channel(the POS or the ERP) is automatically reflected in the other channel; in this case, The Iconic.

Given below are a few third-party platforms that can be integrated with The Iconic API:

Integration of The Iconic API with Shopify

The integration of Shopify with The Iconic API has helped fashion businesses to cut down the labour involved with the manual entries. With The Iconic, they may easily automate these mundane tasks that too with maximized accuracy and efficiency.

Integration of The Iconic API with Quickbooks Commerce

The integration of Quickbooks Commerce and The Iconic is an incredible one. Showcasing the products of an apparel business onto The Iconic’s official site has never been this convenient until this integration came into existence. This in turn helps fashion brands with maximizing their sales and get visibility from buyers who weren’t aware of the brand’s existence in the first place.

The two-way integration with Iconic in achieving the following with ease:

1. Management of multiple inventories and warehouses in a single place.

2. Effective Point of Sale(POS) and electronic data interchange to monitor the entire supply chain.

3. Providing real-time updates for the shipped order to The Iconic

4. Updating the status of stock availability to The iconic for the customers to be aware

5. Matching ordered items by the stock keeping unit.

The enormous benefits provided by The Iconic API prompt several fashion and apparel businesses to integrate their existing software with The Iconic. It not just makes business processes easier by automation but also brings in extensive brand visibility that further, helps apparel businesses to maximize their revenue.

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