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Two-Way Integration With JOOR | Taking Apparel Businesses A Step Ahead

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Two-way integration with JOOR shall help you bring your brand or showroom into the digital era and streamline your wholesale buying process. JOOR is a  native app that can be downloaded directly from the App Store. Moreover, it functions exactly the same online as it does offline, giving you complete control of data synchronisation.

Deploying the JOOR API and its various integrations to your business, you can backup all your eCommerce store’s data. You may save it locally, so there’s absolutely no risk of losing orders. The two-way integration with JOOR has enabled eCommerce managers to upload sales goals, toggle between brands or add a custom event.

The flexibility to manage an apparel business becomes manifold with the introduction of JOOR API. Assigning orders to specific sales representatives has never been so easy for fashion retailers. Unlike other Application Programming Interfaces, the JOOR API helps you view multiple currencies or tie price tiers to the retailers.

As to distribute order confirmations to buyers, one may choose a specific file format for order confirmations. This could either be a spreadsheet or a PDF file sent over e-mail of the buyers.

The integration of JOOR with various apparel software provides exposure to fashion businesses to innovative sync technology. Therefore, one can control when to sync their orders and notes. The users are also facilitated to select their customers from a pre-loaded account list.

Further, they may choose active orders and start browsing line sheets. Grouping the apparel styles by delivery, fabrication, looks, viewing the whole collection or searching across numerous styles has become way more simplified by integrating JOOR with the organisation’s ERP software. 

Niche Corporation is a renowned name among the fashion and apparel business of the UK that has helped these businesses with seamless management of various business processes – management of stocks, accounts, etc.  Their integration with JOOR enables apparel brands with choosing easy to use and intuitive navigation- meaning that one can select skews and sizes later on.

The JOOR integration also facilitates creating and viewing size runs and inventory by the warehouse to maximise sales effort. Making comments and applying discounts at the skew or order level has become quite handy and straightforward using JOOR. One can now submit notes and orders in one easy checkout.

Fashion stores now have the facility to send confirmations directly to multiple buyers and get a signature on the spot, which was a lot of tiresome tasks earlier. The stock manager can now analyse order history on an iPad for easy review .

Let the joor order’s app speed up your appointments, reduce errors and become more intelligent about your business. Consider connecting with NIche Corporation to dig deeper into integrating JOOR with your online fashion store.

Niche is integrated with Joor

Joor Largest Wholesale Marketplace

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Niche is now integrated with Joor!


Joor is an online B2B marketplace, connecting the best brands and top retailers.

It enables fashion businesses to get their products up onto the wholesale marketplace, where they can be browsed by retailers looking to check in on, or expand their in-store offerings.

Joor has made the wholesale process easier and faster by cutting costs, improving customer experience and analysing performance through data analytics.

Niche is integrated with Joor now, this integration streamlines wholesale selling for our ERP customers who also uses Joor.

Niche ERP users could easily transfer the styles to Joor, and the orders can be transferred from Joor to Niche ERP.

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Afterpay a modern-day lay-by

Afterpay can help you increase your sales and customer base. Afterpay will set instalments for customers but pay the merchants upfront. It’s easier for potential customer to decide on sales and current customers will spend more.

Some sellers have reported the revenue increases to 30% once they have just started using Afterpay.

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What is the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?

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What effect will GDPR have on fashion industry and online fashion retailers and wholesalers?

With an enforcement date of May 25, 2018, the GDPR is designed to unify data privacy requirements across the European Union (EU). If you market to or process the information of end users, customers and employees you need to learn how to address these key requirements.
Under the new regulation, Australian organisations that offer products or services to consumers in Europe will need to adhere to the new requirements or risk the issuance of heavy fines (up to 20 million Euros!).

Here are some tips for you to make your website GDPR compliant.

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Amazon’s free shipping attracts 88% of shoppers

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About 88% of Amazon shoppers said the promise of free shipping is what compels them to shop with Amazon, according to a report from data-driven marketing firm Epsilon that was emailed to Retail Dive, which is aimed at helping brands better understand how to work effectively in the Amazon-dominated shopping era.
From its own data, and a survey of 3,000 consumers, Epsilon created an Amazon customer profile suggesting that the average customer earns more than $100,000, is between 45 and 54 years old and is married. More than 80% own their own home, and more than 50% have a net worth of $500,000 or more, according to Epsilon’s report.
Other key factors that affect why shoppers choose Amazon include the e-commerce giant’s credit offering, the ease of its return policy, the notion that Amazon is a “one-stop shop,” and the availability of two-day or next-day shipping.

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Sydney Fashion Exposed

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Fashion Exposed NOW is the premier fashion buying event for Australian independent retailers.

The show provides a platform for Australian apparel, accessory and footwear brands to showcase their collections. Offerings include emerging, Australian made, European and high end brands.

A range of free business workshops are on offer, the August show featured topics including, sustainable fashion, social media, technology, consumer behaviour and marketing.

The show provides an unrivaled opportunity for Australian and International brands to meet with retailers from across Australia and New Zealand and build sustainable relationships.

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