Omnichannel POS

You will have a powerful tool to create great customer experiences and make seamless sales anytime, anywhere

Trusted and Reliable POS Solution.

Growing a retail business is hard work. Creating your brand, building your client database. Staying on top of inventory, understanding your open to buy.

Stay across every detail of your business and watch retail sales grow.

Every day Australian fashion retailers are losing money because inventory goes missing, orders are overlooked, sales people become complacent and cross selling opportunities are neglected.

As a business operating on tight margins you can’t afford this to happen to you. Most point of sale solutions are developed for general retail and then patched to fit a fashion business.

The true colour size matrix, allows you manage the continual range renewal. Is it easy to manage data, can you easily manage multi-channel, back end, front end and online, or are your creating opportunity for data error and increasing the administration burden.

Niche Retail is a point of sale solution that gives you greater control and visibility over your business so you can sell more, stress less and stay ahead.

POS for Web browser or an app for tablet/ipad


Omnichannel POS seamlessly integrates with modules like Stock Management, Multi wareshouse, Reward Point, Gift Card, Store Credit to keep your stock synced from online to offline and easily leverage customer loyalty. Using POS system, you can sell across mutiple channels in-store or online.


  • Add products to cart in a blink
  • Manage customer information
  • Put orders on hold for later purchasing
  • Apply coupon & custom discounts
  • Support other discount methods
  • Never miss a sale with offline mode
  • Quickly process with online & offline payment gateways
  • Handle shipments & deliveries with ease
  • Streamline inventory management
  • Assign right permissions to the right person
  • Game-changing reports & analysis

You can also

Empower your POS system with any devices like Barcode readers, Card swiper, Receipt printer & Customer pole display

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