Inventory and Sales Reports

No more guessing & making up wrong business decisions! Find yourself a powerful tool equipped with a list of extensive inventory reports & a summary of key sales metrics which can provide a clear picture of your business performance & answer specific business questions. Let’s we do the job for you!

Product Report

Having an idea of metrics for product demand which helps you to identify your most profitable product lines and vice versa.

Warehouse Report

Check which warehouse or stock location is generating revenues or profits.

Shipping Method Report

Check which shipping method is being used popularly.

Payment Method Report

Check which payment method is being used popularly.

Order Status Report

Tracking the detailed information of order statuses, see what order status is generating sales and what status needs to be improved.

Customer Report

See who your top customers are by generated revenue or profit. For each customer, it displays the Actual Sold Quantity, Potential Sold Quantity, COGS, Average Profit and Tax and Total Sales.

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