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By December 18, 2020Ecommerce Trends, Marketing
Niche is integrated with Joor

Niche is now integrated with Joor!


Joor is an online B2B marketplace, connecting the best brands and top retailers.

It enables fashion businesses to get their products up onto the wholesale marketplace, where they can be browsed by retailers looking to check in on, or expand their in-store offerings.

Joor has made the wholesale process easier and faster by cutting costs, improving customer experience and analysing performance through data analytics.

Niche is integrated with Joor now, this integration streamlines wholesale selling for our ERP customers who also uses Joor.

Niche ERP users could easily transfer the styles to Joor, and the orders can be transferred from Joor to Niche ERP.

Haven’t heard of Niche ERP?


If you sell wholesale and are thinking about adding a new staff member to help you manage the wholesale orders, maybe it’s time to act differently, let’s think about:


  • How do you get your sales orders from your customers? Email, fax, phone?


  • How much time do you spend on entering your orders to your accounting or ERP software?


  • How much time do you spend daily on managing back orders and partial shipments?


  • Do you want to showcase your products to other retailers and increase the number of your stockist?


Niche wholesale + Joor can help you improve your wholesale process significantly.


Contact us today, we will have a friendly chat to see if our software and services can help you manage your wholesale process easier and increase your revenue in a shorter time.

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