Ready to grow your business?

Are you spending too much time on spreed sheets instead of using one specialised software?
Are you spending too much time, with multiple systems doing duplicate work and creating room for all sorts of errors?

What if you could manage all your business processes from one single system! saving time, managing your business more efficiently and helping you earn more money!

In today’s ultra-competitive fashion & apparel market, you should sell everywhere your customers buy! In your store, online shop or any other retail sites such as Amazon, eBay, The Iconic?!
Selling through different channels without an integrated system in place greatly complicates administrative and accounting functions.

The Niche software and services are for you if you:

Want to increase your sales through online channels

You don’t need to be an experienced internet user to grow your business online!
We’ll provide you an integrated and flexible e-commerce solution for your Retail and Wholesale customers.

Need to manage all your sales in one place

You may sell through different channels, online or store, wholesale or retails!
Niche lets you manage all orders in one place, makes order fulfilment process much easier and accurate.

Lack clarity of numbers and figures

knowing what quantity to produce which sizes and what colors would sell better might be a problem without having a proper system in place.
Niche will help you to have a clearer vision of your business by providing clear sales, profitability, stock reports.

Unsure when to replenish the stocks

Need to avoid stock out? Stock outs can be very costly to a fashion business – they result in short term sales losses but can also lead to long-term customer loyalty issues. You need sufficient inventory to meet demand without too much capital being tied up in stock.


Niche Fashion Technology provides customised E-Commerce and back-office software and solutions to manage a fashion business.

Stock control and inventory Management

Real-time view of your inventory
A scalable Inventory Management system that perfectly integrates with POS

  • Centralized Inventory Management system with multi warehouse locations.
  • A powerful tool to easily take control of your inventory from one integrated system.
  • A Barcode management tool, so you can manage thousands of products SKU in a smart way.
  • A powerful inventory and sales report that give you a clear picture of your business performance & answer specific business questions.

Purchase order management

Manage your purchase orders and deliveries

  • Manage backordes and partial delivers.

Production Management

The modern production often needs to be able to handle a large number of variants, Niche can help you manage your production process, weather production takes place locally or if you have outsourced suppliers.

  • Automatic creation of BOMs from sales orders
  • Tracking

Wholesale order management

Niche wholesale portal lets your customers, automate and manage their orders directly from your custom web portal. You can easily publish your catalogue online, manage custom pricing and more to tailor your customer needs.

  • order allocation
  • set a special price list or discount policy for a wholesale customer
  • sell using multiple currencies
  • let your customers pay for the order online / deposit /
  • order history
  • credit limits
  • consolidate sales orders and raise a purchase order based on one or selected orders
  • Define different payment terms, these payment terms will determine the due date of the invoices

Retail order management

Omni-channel sales

Improve Customer experience

  • You can create loyalty programs by creating reward points to encourage your customers’ experiences in your web site.
  • You can interact with your customers by utilizing online and in store credit.
  • You can build gift cards for your stores by utilizing powerful Gift Card System.
  • You can create great customer experience by allowing them to buy online and pickup in store.

You can create great customer experiences and make seamless sales anytime, anywhere.

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